Books that gave you weird ideas / expectation about foreign countries?
2010-06-12 08:43:06 UTC
so..... which weird ideas and expectations do you have about foreign countries- simply from reading a book set there? i mean- ideas you simply cant shake off, even though you know it's ridiculous.

an american friend told me he was really disappointed that london wasnt 'all edwardian' because that's what his expectation was, from 'mary poppins'. obviously, he's seen modern tv, and knows otherwise, but he still *expected* it. i laughed at him, obviously, then realised i do it too..
i *slightly* expect to see foxes, rabbits and bears driving cars in france due to my ricahrd scarry obsession, from when i was small.
i also vaguely think there are trolls in scandinavia (thank you moomin books) and that most of the south of the US is peopled by women in crinolines, due to overreading of gone with the wind.
i *know* the world isnt like that- but these thoughts are so deeply ingrained in me that i can kind of hold them, and a contradictory 'real' view of a place.
weird, but i think im happy with that... so what wild ideas cant you obliterate??
Three answers:
2010-06-12 08:51:55 UTC
It's totally true. I am an American who grew up on Noel Streatfeild, Frances Hodgsen Burnett, E. Nesbitt, Diana Wynne Jones, and all the rest. I went to London for a semester and was genuinely disappointed that they'd moved to the decimal system after I'd finally worked out how many shillings to a pound and pence to a shilling.
2010-06-12 08:45:53 UTC
Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton
2010-06-12 08:48:57 UTC
[:" some ones ":] being very aggressive.

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